Some basic health tips will help you to lose 5 pounds or even more, depending on your commitment and depending on how your body responds to such changes. However, the tips that I am about to share with you should have absolutely no negative effects. Since this article is meant to be a guide only, you may freely consult your doctor as well to give you more confidence.

Sugar intake is one of the main causes. Well, I am not talking about natural sugar content (present almost in every food), but I am referring to artificial sweeteners. These artificial delicious sweets will make you suffer, since they contain no calories. As you eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners (like diet drinks) your body noticing the sweet taste will believe you are eating something which contains some amount of calories. Since this is like a fake alert to your organism, the effect will be negative. Why? You will feel the need to eat/drink more and more, not being able to be satisfied with any amount. Such practices will make you gain weight. This is why you should limit or completely get rid of artificial sweetener if you want to lose weight fast. Instead, you can eat fruits or anything else with natural sugar content.

Make sure your metabolism works well. If you’re not truly aware of what your metabolism needs to do, I am now going to present the short and simple version: your metabolism makes use of the food you eat, meaning that it transforms calories to energy. However, a metabolism that is not properly “configured” can’t do its own task normally. This is when fat is accumulated. Of course, not only metabolism issues will make you fat.

Some natural remedies will easily help you re-set your metabolism to the normal state, as well as food supplements. You can easily go and ask for such supplements at any local pharmacy.

肚皮, 身体, 卡路里, 饮食, 演习, 脂肪, 女性, 适合, 健身, 女孩I know you truly enjoy soda, like most people, but you should forget about drinking soda. It’s easy to replace such unhealthy drinks with water, teas or natural juices. What’s so bad about soda? The before-mentioned artificial sweeteners should be avoided as well as carbonation is harmful. Carbonation eventually ends up inside you, turning into gas. But sadly that gas doesn’t go to the intestines … it stays in your stomach! Yeah, you should be scared and disgusted.

Another great tip is giving yourself a decent limit on the amount of food you consume for one meal. That is important since if you’re used to eating everything from your plate, you are probably used to large portions as well. But those portions would never seem large to you, since you’re already familiar with the amount. The only damaged side is your organism, which doesn’t necessarily need that amount. So what happens then? Your body stores the excess as fat.

You might be wondering what amount could ever be considered a decent portion to eat. I can’t give you an exact size, but in most of the cases, the size of your palm should be enough. Surprisingly little amount? You should get used to it because that is the normal amount!

Don’t always consume the same foods over days and weeks. Be creative and let your body enjoy different foods, such as fruits, bread, vegetables and protein. Our bodies (as well as our souls) aren’t made for doing the same things every time, until we get old. That’s also a golden rule with your body: make it different every day. Eat something today, eat something totally different tomorrow, and then a third one and so on. This way your body won’t have the time to get familiar to your meals but it will burn fat while trying to get used to all of the changes.

Products you will find at local supermarkets are often labeled as low-fat products. Mostly these products are traps for consumers. Since manufacturers had to cut out fat, you can bet they had to include some “replacement” for the fat. Why? Just because they need to attract customers, by providing a taste people are familiar with. How to keep the same taste if you completely take one ingredient out? By adding others, of course! These unwanted extras are often even worse than the original fats that would’ve been part of the products.

Get yourself a stable exercise routine. Make up a daily routine with exercises you can handle, not until getting fully exhausted. Yoga and jogging are always recommended when you’re decided to start. Also make sure you’re committed enough to your new exercise plan. Remember to protect yourself and choose suitable clothes. I guess there is no need to ever explain why exercises would help you in losing 5 pounds.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. The above mentioned tips are all important, but still they aren’t the only tips. You can consult online communities and special websites to find out more on this topic!