All the countries around the world are facing diet problems, especially weight problems.

While some people are on a “fat diet”, others have different reasons for having their extra body fat. It can be depression, anxiety, mania and more or less anything else. No matter what the cause is, you need to detect the cause and then take action and make a change in your lifestyle and especially eating habits.

Depression or low self-esteem as a major weight-bomb

People suffering of severe forms of depression or being bullied for some reason by a group of people often face weight problems. The biggest thing with someone who has depression is that simple thought: “who cares”. Well, you might not care for some time, while being young, while not gaining enough fat to affect any body functions but as soon as some of your organs begin to collapse or you suffer chest pain or back pain, problems can get severe if not handled properly.

So why people with low self-esteem or depression are more exposed to getting fat than others?

Simply because they have a strong opinion about how bad their lives are. They think that nothing matters and eating more doesn’t affect anyone and even more makes one feel comfortable. Well, it’s true that comfort isn’t ever missing, but starting from one unlucky moment in your life there is no comfort anymore. You just start gaining weight, consciously but unable to stop after.

Death of a loved one or the empty nest syndrome

These two causes are totally different yet the same when it comes to weight issues. Whenever a loved one dies, an entire world falls inside us. We feel useless and start crying, cursing life itself and asking tons of questions like why, how, why me, why him, why her, why not later, why such a quick one, why a heart-attack and so on. We always have a hard time and can’t simply accept that the person we once cared for won’t ever be available again.

The empty nest syndrome only affects parents, as their children unavoidably move out of the house from a certain age and then it’s only for the parents to fill the missing space. While it’s not death, just a move out, it still feels like a total loss for every parent. Most parents would rather argue and invent all sorts of reasons for their children to keep them at home as long as possible and only let go when their children stop listening or when they see that by keeping those kids inside they are slowly dying on the inside.

All in all, an unexpected or even expected departure of a good friend, a close relative, a daughter, a son will always change our feelings and mood. Unfortunately since we are human and whenever we go down we start looking for whatever makes us feel just a bit better, eating seems to find its way inside many people’s hearts as the cure for these cases. However, our bodies have a limited capacity and endurance. None of us can exceed or overcome the limits of our physical being.

Over-comfort really kills

You know how great it is if you simply have your own car or motorcycle. It’s just so easy to get going to any location once you have an engine to take you there. That’s all good, according to its initial purpose and usage but as we tend to adore comfort in every aspect of our lives, what we find ourselves doing is avoiding long walks or bike rides as long as we have the benefits of a car or motorcycle.

Since we tend to not know what free time is, we always say that saving even 30 minutes does worth every effort. But let me ask you: does 30 minutes per day, for over 5 years, worth living a shorter life? Does it worth spending months or years in a hospital with different affections and then easily being exposed to heart diseases?

Fast-food addiction makes you fat quickly

It’s all great, we’re on the run and need to eat quickly, but does it stay this way once it is a repeated procedure? Is it still great when we are forced to eat fast-food every single day or best case scenario “only” 5 days out of 7? Then why do you ask yourself how to lose weight fast?

While fast-food is indeed the fastest possible way to eat, the fastest possible way not to wait for the food to be prepared (like in ordinary restaurants), it contains harmful substances. Those chemicals used in the conservation and manufacturing process will make your body cry. Our organs were not built to endure this great amount of suffering from a vital and basic body function like eating. Since every bite of any type of fast food contains some harmful chemicals, eating fast-food day by day is like bombing yourself on the inside. As we have our basic instincts, the instincts of survival, our bodies will endure the suffering up until the maximum limits. But then comes the inevitable: it collapses. Then you start gaining extra weight and fat and out of nowhere even end up being diagnosed as a cancer patient.

When we look into the mirror in the morning, before leaving to work, do we see what we’d love to see? Do we see someone happy and healthy? These are very important things! No money can ever buy health and we should keep this in mind before making any decisions related to anything.

As we have seen in this article, the very first and most important step is knowledge of the causes. Once we know where it comes from and how it came, we can overcome it!

Now let’s check some of the best tips and strategies for your personal weight-loss plan!


You may be thinking that exercises won’t work for everyone and definitely not in the same way. Actually doing regular exercises, with a simple daily routine, we can obtain impressive results in our plans.

How to schedule the exercises? What do they depend on? How do I know which exercise will help me? How soon will some results appear so that I know I am on the right track?

There is no simple answer for any of the above questions. But one thing is for sure: you need to check your heart condition. If you have a severe heart disease, exercises would make that become even worse, so you’d rather try to avoid going that way. In the case of a normal or stable enough heart condition exercises will work. The only thing you need to schedule is a steady routine. There is no effect of any exercise once you only do them every 2 or 3 days. You need the routine daily and even more recommended, up to twice or 5 times per day, depending on your job and marital status and of course depending on the length of one session. For instance, if you have enough motivation to have 2 exercise sessions per day, each for 2 hours long, you will lose weight quickly! However, 3 times per day, all for 30 minutes is also as effective if performed correctly.

The first thing is taking the baby steps. You always need to give yourself enough time for baby steps. There is absolutely no reason to expect some magical results in one week or two weeks. Books and promotional DVDs claiming to help you in 2 or 3 weeks only are mostly lies. Only a sportsman or woman who stopped practicing for 2 to 3 months can lose that much weight in as low as 2 weeks. A normal person who wasn’t professionally involved into any sports won’t be able to perform at that level. You need to know that your body and muscles all have a capacity of pressure and you need to keep those limits, whether you like it or not if you want to lose weight fast.

Even if at first sight daily exercises wouldn’t provide enough visible results, in a couple of months, if performed correctly and every single day, these will bring up amazing changes in your life and health condition, not to mention sexual life!

However, it is confirmed that running is the most effective exercise. Push-ups, abdomen workouts also suffice, but these will never become as effective as running. To know if you’re doing your exercises correctly or not, check your sweat. If you sweat it’s good, if you don’t, you’re doing it wrong and you will never get any results.

Diets and eating plans

While diets may sometimes help, it isn’t always good to go that way. You need to first find out if your current diet is the real cause of your fat. You also need to check which vitamins and foods does your body need currently, and whatever diet is given to you needs to respect the needs of your body because otherwise you’d lose weight and become sick thanks to not providing enough calcium or other materials to your body.

As you’d easily guess on your own, low fat food is the only recommended one. It’s sometimes healthy and even needed to consume fat, but not too often. We’re tempted to often eat food which has a lot of fat, but we never realize how much that harms.

A correct eating plan will make you feel stronger. Whenever an eating plan makes you feel weak (not self-induced weakness like missing fast-food, but like physical longer term weakness), you should abort that plan as soon as you can. Our bodies always push the panic button once they realize something’s wrong.

Including a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially summertime, when these are fresh, will provide a lot of essential vitamins. But if you forget to eat any meat, in time eating the fruits and veggies will do more harm than good. So beware: being vegetarian doesn’t mean that you are healthy, even more, it can mean you are sick and happy because of being sick (happy because you think you are healthy while your body is slowly giving it all up).

The Atkins Diet – a famous method popular in the last decade

People like Robert Atkins (the man who constructed this diet plan, named after him) have their own ways to create a diet plan. The Atkins diet is based on a simple principle: at first, you force your body (by changing your diet) to lose weight by consuming a low amount of carbohydrates. Then you need to stabilize the amount of carbohydrates you consume weekly until you maintain your steady and desired weight. Originally it’s considered to have 4 phases (the diet plan itself):

  • Induction
  • Ongoing weight loss
  • Pre-maintenance
  • Lifetime maintenance

Basically the first phase is the hardest, since you drop out a lot of food you previously enjoyed in order to keep losing weight fast, but then in the next phases you need to re-balance the amount of carbohydrates in your body to a normal level, a level at which you don’t gain extra weight.

While some people believe that Atkins’ plan is harmful and not effective, doctors have found the contrary. The Atkins diet proved to be more efficient compared to several other diet plans that are as popular as Atkins or even more popular than Atkins.

It’s photo time!

We might not realize how our weight improved but any way we go, taking pictures every month, in clothes, in bikinis will make us see a negative or positive change. A negative change will motivate us to keep going, to head towards a weight loss plan and change something in our lives while the positive changes in photos taken before and after will give us even more satisfaction and impulse to continue our current plans!

It’s amazing how simple things, such as photos, can change everything in our lives, even the way we eat and the way we consider our diets.

Knowledge of difference in life

As we look at the TV, listen or read about stories of how other people managed to lose weight fast will never help us. Why is that? Because their body was unlike your body! Simple as that, every single human has a different inner and outer construction. We all have hearts and the same organs, we all have two legs, two arms, two eyes and other body parts but still every single person and every single body will behave in its own way, unlike others.

Maybe you will try out some health plan or diet plan that was told to work for others, guaranteed, as proved results and then you end up being sick and weak as someone who stays in the bed for the last months. You may also find that a weight-loss strategy that was cursed by hundreds of people worked like a charm for you!

What about the water?

A lot of diet plans tell you to drink 10 glasses of water or more per day, while other tell you that drinking 5 glasses daily is more than enough. So now, which one says the truth? Actually neither of them is true for everyone! One thing is for sure though: you need water and you never become any fatter because of drinking water. Water is like the essence of your entire body, of your blood, of your mouth being wet, of your eyes being wet and not dry out (since then you’d become blind after a while). Avoiding water never helps losing weight fast but it helps inducing other new diseases. Also drinking more water than your body actually needs will also harm every time.

Before anyone tries to tell you how much you should drink, think about this: your body knows what it needs and you will feel that. All you need to do is listen to your body and provide everything it ever needs, anytime, every day! If you feel like eating 3 bananas in 5 minutes, for no reason? Do it! If you feel like drinking 10 glasses of water in 10 minutes? Do it as well! If you feel you only need one glass of water in 10 hours’ time? Only drink that one glass! It’s all on your ability of listening and understanding.

Are your vitamins all present?

We sometimes forget to realize that missing some of the essential vitamins in our bodies is the only cause of our diseases, extra weight and everything else. So, before we try out some hard ways in weight-loss, why not go to the doctor, and check the vitamin levels? Sometimes correcting the vitamin levels, consuming enough vitamin-rich food will help a lot!

As you’ve read in this article, it’s all up to getting to the causes. Never listen to some opinions of what others would say and never listen to over-promoted books and stuff. Make sure you go for something real and never forget that the most simple things will help the most! And what about things like water and fat? Actually both water and fat are essential in our bodies’ composition. If you avoid those, you’re in trouble, guaranteed!

However, once you know of the causes, you can go for the solutions. Even if you’re facing a heart disease, things as simple as daily walks will help you lose weight efficiently! So don’t just ask yourself how to lose weight fast and try to do it!