To effectively lose weight for really fat women you need to understand your body and go to a doctor’s visit and then have a rough change in your lifestyle. This is probably why really fat women never get to lose their weight, because it’s a lot harder than in the case of women who are fat, but not really fat, just like average-fat.

When we deal with losing weight for really fat women we need to understand that the riskiest part is the actual heart condition. Why is that an issue even in the case of a 20 years old woman? Simply because the heart in your body wasn’t meant to deal with and handle all that extra body weight you put on yourself but shouldn’t be there at all. Your heart will easily support your body as it is but as soon as it gets some sort of shock, like huge amounts of fat, the heart may become weak and exposed to the risk of heart attack.

The above-mentioned fact is why before getting to lose weight for really fat women a medical visit is mandatory. The doctor will tell you how much of exercises you may do per day and recommend a diet that won’t affect your heart’s health in a negative way. Sometimes the perfect beginning is a simple liposuction surgery. While a lot of men and women fear surgery, liposuction isn’t that hard type of surgery which causes days or weeks of pain after it’s done. It’s a really simple intervention. Think of it as you’d remove some fat with a vacuum cleaner. Yeah, you normally wouldn’t do that, but that’s how simple it is.

However be very careful with liposuction! There are limits on how often you can have one and how many pounds they can remove at one time maximally. If you don’t consider respecting medical rules, you might end up regretting everything or even worse, dying.

If you can manage a good weight loss plan without a liposuction, you’re lucky. However in order to lose weight for really fat women sometimes it’s unimaginable to avoid the liposuction.
As physical exercises, you need a lot of walks every day. You can even spend hours and you really should spend hours walking. Also, try to eat only 3 times per day: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Try never to eat after 18:00, it will make you bad. If you don’t resist eating only 3 times per day, you may include 2 snacks, but only one between breakfast and lunch and another one between lunch and dinner. Never exceed 2 snacks!

Also, if you have enough willpower, try to do easy exercises at home. Some abdomen exercises, stretching or simply lifting some weights are exercises that can help you a lot. However, you should make sure you read some books and online community discussions to have a better picture of what to do and how to achieve your goals.

It’s hard to lose weight for really fat women but with the proper motivation and information, having the proper diet changes and daily exercises you can get to lose good amounts of weight. You will never need to harsh diet changes, only baby steps, or else you’ll end up becoming even fatter.