Weight loss plans are numerous and have different approaches which all conclude in weight loss results, some achieving it faster and other plans would take more time. However, our problems nearly start in the end, when we first start to think of the health plan that got us rid of the fat as the solution to our previous problems and then relax our exercises and diet once again – this mistake is the most devastating one! Once you’ve got to see some results and seem happy about them it doesn’t mean you can’t get back to where you were in the beginning.

The only reason for why maintaining a normal weight after following a strict weight loss plan is so hard is because the plan never ends, there is permanent maintenance needed. If one doesn’t consider maintenance important it will only be a matter of weeks to gain all the weight back, or worse: even more weight than before.

Approaching the after-plan

The main reason of overweight is food. How? Fast food or eating more than your body needs is what causes the disorder in your body’s internal organization. It’s not good to eat too many times per day and it’s the worst possible habit to grab some food whenever you feel bored. For a proper maintenance one’s eating habits need to change forever!

Now, we all know that a simple diet never gets your problems solved. There is regular exercise needed. In order to do that, try to solve all of your daily tasks without the car! That’s right, 95% of all people have two legs to walk on, even if your legs aren’t 100% healthy, you can still rely on them long enough to take a good walk every day.

Stress also induces losing weight fast but beware: this is an unhealthy maintenance plan and you should be sad if stress is the reason why your weight is normal or little below normal.

However, the most result bringing plan is having regular exercises and psychological self-compensation, meaning that you thank yourself for getting that far already. In the following section, we’ll review some exercises you could make use of!

Useful exercises to maintain weight loss


For people who can do it: don’t think twice! Daily running or jogging sessions will truly maintain your physical form and keep you in a good health and routine. It’s also a nice idea to have your media player and your favourite “running music” put on the device and then the show begins – your running session will feel a lot more comfortable and pleasurable since your brain may disconnect from your body being (or feeling like tired) and you can still go an extra mile or two.

Abdomen exercises

Abdomen exercises will help a lot, especially in case of men, since men get most of the fat around their midsections, especially on the abdomen. In case of these exercises make sure you do them before eating or not sooner than 1 hour after eating. You wouldn’t want to throw out your meal, that’s why!


Fat can also be present on legs, which is really unpleasant, but even more important, the legs besides being put to work will move a large amount of your other body muscles, especially abdomen muscles and arm/shoulder/back muscles. Of course your legs will also be put to work with running and jogging.

“Simple” walks

Maybe for some of us it’s really hard to maintain a running routine. So what do we do then? We all have many places to go, a lot of things to sort out and we can really solve most of them by walking on our own feet, without taking a bus, without getting into the car.

People who already have established their families may enjoy their weekends by family walks or picnics, those things are really enjoyable! Playing with your kids and your kids’ friends, all those childish games will make you run for a while, jump for a while, all in all it will make your muscles work hard without realizing.


Well, weight lifting by itself isn’t meant to burn fat down, but on some areas of the body it will really work like a charm. What I mean here is that if you’d be at the very beginning of the weight loss schedule and would try to get results only with weight lifting, you’d have a hard time with that.

However, muscles will get in an excellent shape and normally a lot of fat around the muscles you put to work will be burned since all the energy is then needed for lifting those weights.


Bike is both a transport alternative to the car and an exercise machine. People who take the bike often are in a better shape and can bear to do more exercises of any types and physically engaging work than others. It has multiple advantages: it’s cheap, it doesn’t need gas and oil to run, it fits in a small place and it also benefits your health and also benefits the entire planet’s health as it has no toxic emissions of any type! This is something truly wise to think about!

Dance (sports dance, amateur dance)

Dancing lifts the spirits and involves all of the body muscles from top to bottom. Not to mention that between it’s “secondary effects” one can easily observe a nice physical aspect, an excellent way to maintain a formerly successful weight loss plan’s results.

With engaging yourself into dancing, you will be smiling and joyful while your body would feel like in heaven. It’s an energy-full and comfortable way to maintain your weight at a normal level all the time. The more dance lessons you attend weekly, the better!

Conclusion, final thoughts

In this article I’ve tried to give a thorough description of how you could maintain your weight and get your results stay with you all the time. It’s important to note that you need to change your lifestyle and habits completely, but this change won’t change who you are, it will simply change how good you can live! So, the issue is not just how to lose weight fast, but how to maintain the results, too.

Finally, doing exercises on a regular schedule is the best and most effective solution, combined with a good eating plan, not consuming unhealthy food.