If you can’t get enough rest there is almost no purpose of a proper weight loss plan. Doctors know it, as well as a lot of people, know it: those who don’t sleep enough have a strong tendency of getting extra fat easily. Reasons for this, other than medical ones, are quite simple. Most of the times, people have night shifts. That may include working in a factory or staying up at home to do some work out of the office. Since all working needs energy, you need a lot of food while working. Especially while it’s night if you truly stay up you’ll need coffee and food as well because most probably your body will think it’s already morning time.

But then there are more problems. Since you need coffee you’ll most probably use sugar to sweeten the coffee. As soon as you increase your sugar intake that way, your body will transform the extra sugar into fat. Also, as you eat more and more to have enough energy for the necessary amount of work, you’ll also end up becoming fat because not every calorie will be used by your body.

People who work in the night are often stressed out because of the simple subconscious knowledge of the unusual obligations and of the fact that your friends are now sleeping while you’re not. Of course, stress increases food consumption and to overcome your excessive stress you’ll have a tendency to eat more. You might say this is not right because it’s enough for you to smoke a couple of cigarettes. That is true, some people find cigarettes calming. However, once you smoke them you get even hungrier. Even more, if you learn to overcome that hunger feeling after smoking, you will face health problems with your stomach and may even risk other severe medical complications.

You might be wondering what you could possibly do to get a good nighttime sleep. Here are some tips which are quite easy to follow:

  • Try not to exercise in the evening. That increases your heart rate and gives you energy thus being unable to sleep well after.
  • If your workplace does require night shifts, try finding something else. It may be hard to get hired for a similar job you could do and be paid as well as you were, but it’s never impossible.
  • Have a stable sexual life or if you don’t have a sexual partner, try masturbating a couple of times every day. Masturbating isn’t as exhausting as sex itself but it is still exhausting and relaxing. This is why it can improve sleeping!
  • Cut out every stress source. For a lot of people, stress is what keeps them from sleeping normally.
  • Don’t start thinking about anything once you go to bed in the evening. Some people find themselves wandering in their dreams, measuring the things they could’ve, would’ve or should’ve done once in their lives. You need to simply empty your mind and let your body take the pause, you won’t even notice the moment you’ve fallen asleep!
  • Exercise more in the morning. Morning exercisers will get a really good night sleep!